At Anytown, we establish young people as leaders at an early age despite their lack of educational or personal accolades, empower youth to be at peace with their imperfections and brilliance, and equip them with the tools to combat racism and other forms of discrimination in their community.


#TheNextWave is creating a new era where youth leaders not only have a seat at the table but also possess equitable decision-making responsibilities. Through audacious thinking, creative programming, and action based work, youth are given the support and ability to become the leaders of today, not tomorrow.

Since 2018, Camp Anytown Las Vegas has partnered with the United Religions Initiative, Charter for Compassion, and the Golden Rule Project to celebrate International Golden Rule Day.


Our annual Golden Rule campaign highlights the power  of youth voices and celebrates the universal principle of treating others the way that we want to be treated. It is a powerful tool for all of our relationships – with ourselves, others, animals, and the planet. The Golden Rule is powerful only when we practice it.