Breaking Down Barriers.

Building Up Communities.

Our Story

What We Do

Anytown Las Vegas is the longest-running antiracism youth program in Nevada and has served over 4,000 high school students since 1983. At Anytown Las Vegas, young people learn about social justice in a nonconventional way that takes lectures and study groups out of the equation and replaces them with a hands-on approach. Our program is a social investment in creating a pool of today’s leaders that sincerely care about breaking down barriers and building up communities.


Through audacious thinking, creative programming, and action-based work, we equip youth with the tools to combat racial inequalities and breakthrough structural barriers. Our youth work is based on a general belief that young people are today’s leaders and the face of multicultural relations rests in their minds and hearts. Therefore, we put youth in the driver’s seat to strategize, innovate and transform their communities.

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Executive Director: Rico Ocampo

Address: PO Box 73070
Las Vegas, NV 89170

Office:  702-722-8517

Fax:  702-534-5586 Attn: Rico Ocampo